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2020 Events

BHWC 17th February

BHWC 13th February

BHWC 11th February

BHWC 10th February

BHWC 8th February

BHWC 6th February

Ratting 2nd February

FSBH 1st February

Adstockfields Shoot 31st January

Adbury Beaters Day 30th January

Adbury Shoot 27th January

Swanbourne Beaters Day 25th January

Adstockfields 24th January

Tuckey Farm Beaters Day 23rd January

Adbury Shoot 20th January

Marstonfields Beaters Day 18th January

Tyrellcote Farm Shoot 17th January

Swannybrook Shoot 11th January

Holborn Hill 10th January

Rogers 60th Day 2

Rogers 60th Day 1

Mapledurham Shoot 7th January

Adbury Shoot 6th January

Tuckey Farm Shoot 4th January

2019 Events

Creslow 28th December

Bledlow Shoot 27th December

Boxing Day Shoot

BHWC 24th December

Marstonfields Shoot 21st December

Mapledurham Shoot 18th December

Adbury Shoot 16th December

Santa at the Stables

Creslow 14th December

BHWC 12th December

BHWC 10th December

Marstonfields 7th December

Adstockfields 6th December

Tuckey Farm Shoot 5th December

Adbury Shoot 2nd December

Holborn Hill Shoot 30th November

BHWC 28th November

BHWC 26th November

150th Winslow Primestock Sale

Hartwell Syndicate at Marstonfields

Tuckey Farm Shoot 19th November

BHWC 18th November

Swannybrook Shoot 16th November

BHWC 14th November

BHWC 11th November

Adstockfields 8th November

BHWC 4th November

Swanbourne Shoot 2nd November

BHWC Opening Meet

BHWC 28th October

BHWC 23rd October

Wear it Pink 20th October

Adstock V Thornborough Clay Shoot

BHWC 9th October

Kimblewick 8th October

BHWC 2nd October

BHWC 30th September

BHWC 25th September

FSBH 21st September

Kimblewick 19th September

BHWC 18th September

Kimblewick 17th September

BHWC 16th September

Kimblewick 13th September

Kimblewick 3rd September

Kimblewick 2nd September

BHWC Country Fair

Sheep Fair Day 2

Sheep Fair Day 1

Kimblewick Puppy Show

Festival of Hunting

Kimblewick Dog Show and Terrier Racing

FSBH Puppy Show

Dry Leys Foals and Yearlings 20th May

Charity Fishing Day 18th May

Bignall Park Hunter Trials

TVAA Charity Clay Shoot

BHWC Silver Spur

Kimble Point to Point

Dry Leys Foals 19th April

Kimblewick 26th March

Kimblewick 16th March

Kimblewick 5th March

Ratting 3rd March

BHWC 25th February

Philchris Golden Retreivers 16th February

Dudley 15th February

Market Day 15th February

BHWC 14th February

Kimblewick 12th February

BHWC 7th February

BHWC 4th February

Buckland Beaters Day 31st January

Tuckey Farm Beaters Day 30th January

BHWC 29th January

Adbury Beaters Day 28th January

Pusey Beaters Day 25th January

Adbury Shoot 21st January

North Bucks Vintage Tractor Club 20th January

Holborn Hill Shoot 19th January

North Hill and Town Farm Shoot 18th January

Tuckey Farm Shoot 17th January

Adbury Shoot 14th January

Swanbourne Shoot 12th January

Adstockfields Shoot 11th January

Adbury Shoot 7th January

Tuckey Farm Shoot 5th January

2018 Events

Furzen Farm Shoot 31st December

Thornborough Grounds Shoot 29th December

Adbury Shoot 28th December

Marstonfields Shoot 27th December

Boxing Day Shoot

Ilmer Shoot 22nd December

Adstockfields Shoot 21st December

BHWC 20th December

Swanybrook Shoot 15th December

Adbury Shoot 14th December

Tuckey Farm Shoot 13th December

Greg 12th December

Furzen Farm Shoot 11th December

BHWC 10th December

Marstonfields Shoot 8th December

Adbury Shoot 3rd December

Holborn Hill Shoot 1st December

Adstockfields Shoot 30th November

Tuckey Farm Shoot 29th November

BHWC 27th November

Adbury Shoot 26th November

Swannybrook Shoot 24th November

North Hill and Town Farm Shoot 23rd November

BHWC 22nd November

Creslow Shoot 17th November

Adstockfields Shoot 16th November

Marstonfields 15th November

Adbury Shoot 12th November

Swanbourne Shoot 10th November

BHWC 8th November

BHWC 5th November

Sue 4th November

Lisa 4th November

Leigh and Lee 4th November

Judith 4th November

John 4th November

Jo and Dave 4th November

Helen 4th November

The Big MIND Clipathon

BHWC 1st November

Kimblewick 30th October

BHWC 29th October

NBVTC 28th October

Kimblewick 20th October

Judes Gang 2nd September

Hound Pups

Terrier x Lurcher Pups

BHWC Country Day

Blakesley Show

Thame Sheep Fair 3rd August

Thame Sheep Fair 2nd August

Pat and Remy

Lily and Pippa

Basset Puppies 1st August

Kimblewick Puppy Show

Audrey Puppies

OBB Puppy Show

Dry Leys 10th July

Blaston Show

Kimblewick Terrier Lurcher and Family Dog Show

Dry Leys Foals 21st June

Dry Leys Foals 13th June

Hound Show Ardingly

BHWC Puppy Show

BHWC Point to Point 3rd June

Kimblewick Pups 23rd May

OBB Pups 22nd May

Dry Leys Foals 22nd May

Farmers Bloodhounds Point to Point

Tidy Training Day at Trippets 22nd April

Olympic Skeet Training with David McNeill 14th April

Olympic Skeet Training with David McNeill 13th April

River Tay 12th April

River Tay 11th April

River Tay 10th April

River Tay 9th April

Kimble Point to Point 31st March

Kimblewick 27th March

Kimblewick 24th March

Kimblewick 22nd March

Kimblewick 20th March

Eris 19th March

Kimblewick 17th March

Tinkerbell 16th March

Heythrope Meet 14th March

Kimblewick 13th March

FSBH 10th March

Kimblewick 8th March

Model T Ford Driving Day 3rd March

Kimblewick 1st March

Kimblewick 20th February

BHWC 19th February

Paulas Gang 18th February

FSBH Pups 16th February

BHWC 15th February

Kimblewick 13th February

BHWC 12th February

Ratting 11th February

FSBH 10th February

Kimblewick 6th February

BHWC 5th February

Bracken 4th February

Kimblewick 1st February

Philip Mathews Shoot Day 30th January

BHWC 29th January

Creslow Beaters Day 27th January

Pusey Beaters Day 26th January

Kimblewick 25th January

Swannybrook Beaters Day

Adbury Shoot 22nd January

Ferreting 21st January

Swanbourne Shoot 20th January

Furzen Farm Shoot 16th January

Swannybrook Shoot 13th January

OBB Shoot 12th January

BHWC 11th January

Charity Shoot in aid of Breast Cancer Care 9th January

Adbury Shoot 8th January

FSBH 6th January

Adstockfields Shoot 5th January

Manor Farm Shoot 4th January

OBB Lawn Meet 3rd January

FSBH 1st January



2017 Events

BHWC and OBB Meets 30th December

Town Farm and North Hill Farm Shoot 29th December

Adbury Shoot 28th December

Marstonfields Shoot 27th December

Swannybrook Shoot 23rd December

Ilmer Shoot 22nd December

Kimblewick 19th December

Ferreting 17th December

Creslow 16th December

Holborn Hill 15th December

Adbury Shoot 14th December

Furzen Farm Shoot 12th December

Creslow 9th December

Kimpton Shoot 8th December

Adstockfields Shoot 7th December

Winslow Christmas Prime Stock Show

Hedge Hopping Clinic 3rd December

Marstonfields Shoot 2nd December

BHWC 30th November

Kimblewick 28th November

Adbury Shoot 27th November

Ferreting 26th November

BHWC Fashion Show 25th November

Creslow Shoot 25th November

Adstockfields Shoot 24th November

BHWC 23rd November

Kimblewick 21st November

Swannybrook Shoot 18th November

Town Farm and North Hill Farm Shoot 16th November

Adbury Shoot 13th November

Swanbourne Shoot 11th November

Jacob at Dry Leys Farm

OBB 8th November

BHWC 6th November

Angies Labs 5th November

Judes Labs 5th November

Paulas Gang 5th November

FSBH 4th November

Adstockfields Shoot 3rd November

BHWC 2nd November

Kimblewick 31st October

BHWC 30th October

Kimblewick 28th October

Olivia and Connor

Kimblewick 26th October

BHWC 20th October

Kimblewick 17th October

Marlston Shoot 13th October

BHWC 12th October

Kimblewick 10th October

BHWC Team Chase Open

BHWC Team Chase Novice

BHWC Team Chase Pairs

BHWC 6th October

Kimblewick 5th October

BHWC 4th October

Kimblewick 3rd October

Kimblewick 2nd October

FSBH 30th September

BHWC 27th September

Kimblewick 26th September

Kimblewick 23rd September

Kimblewick 20th September

Kimblewick 19th September

Kimblewick 14th September

Basset Puppies 12th September

A few from Henley Show

Kimblewick 7th September

Kimblewick 6th September

Kimblewick 4th September

Kimblewick Hound Exercise 2nd Sept

Winslow Show

Kimblewick Puppy Show

BHWC Pony Show and Country Fayre

BHWC Team Relay and Gate Jumping

Lurcher Show and Lure Coursing

OBB Hound Racing

Side Saddle at Addington

Thame Sheep Fair

Sam and Stuarts Pups

Sheepdog Trial at Henley

Basset Ring at Peterborough

Mortimer Classic Scramble Sidecars

Mortimer Classic Scramble Solos

Harvest 17th July

Jacob and Lilly

OBB Puppy Show

Will Barkers 21st

Raezhaven Pups

A Mermaid and a Munchkin

Wildfire Forge

VHRA Pendine Sands Sunday

VHRA Pendine Sands Saturday

Sam and Scott Wedding

George and Chaz Wedding

Dry Leys Foals 15th June

Steampunk at Quainton

Dry Leys Farm 23rd May


Bempton Cliffs

Point to Point 7th May

Rolo 6th May

Judes Gang 3rd May

Tuckett Brothers Workshop

Sue Jason and Beau in the Bluebell Wood

Annas Labs

Foxhound Pups at play

Farmers Bloodhounds Point to Point

Silver Spur 22nd April

Kimble Point to Point

GB Selection Shoot at Bisley 8th April

Model T Register April Fools Rally

Halton Sponsored Ride

BHWC Point to Point 12th March

FSBH 11th March

BHWC 4th March

OBB 2nd March

BHWC with the Pytchley 1st March

BHWC 27th February

BHWC 24th February

OBB 22nd February

BHWC 21st February

BHWC 20th February

Four Shires Bassets 18th February

Catherine and Buster 14th February

BHWC 13th February

Cambridge and Enfield Chase for the Kimblewick 9th February

BHWC 6th February

Four Shires Bassets 4th February

Cambridge and Enfield Chase for the Kimblewick 2nd February

BHWC for the Kimblewick 31st January

Adbury 30th January

Creslow Beaters Day 28th January

Pusey Beaters Day 27th January

BHWC 26th December

Ferreting 22nd January

Creslow 21st January

Town Farm and North Hill Farm 20th January

Swannybrook Farm 19th January

BHWC 17th January

Adbury 16th January

Creslow 14th Janaury

Adstockfields Farm 13th january

BHWC 12th January

Furzen Farm 10th January

Bicester Heritage 8th January

A misty Swanbourne 7th January

BHWC 5th January

BHWC 2nd January


2016 Events

Town Farm and North Hill Farm 30th December

Creslow 28th December

Marstonfields 27th December

Aston Sandford 26th December

Kimblewick 24th December

Ilmer 22nd December

Holborn Hill Shoot 20th December

Poundon Shoot 19th December

Creslow 17th December

Adbury 15th December

Beckerings Park Shoot 13th December

BHWC 12th December

Creslow 10th December

Tythrope 9th December

Kimblewick 8th December

BHWC 6th December

BHWC 5th December

Barbet Group

Adstockfields Farm 2nd December

Hartwell Shoot 1st December

Kimblewick 29th November

Winslow Christmas Primestock sale 28th November

Jane and Family 27th November

Creslow 26th November

Tythrope 25th November

Marstonfields 24th November

Furzen Farm Shoot 22nd November

Adbury Shoot 21st November

Training in Wales 20th November

Kimblewick 19th November

Hoggesdon 18th November

Kimblewick 17th November

Kimblewick 15th November

Gundog Day in Elstead 13th November

Creslow 12th November

Deer Park 11th November

BHWC 10th November

BHWC 7th November

Broseley Shoot 5th November

BHWC 3rd November

Kimblewick 1st November

BHWC 31st October

Cotswold Team Chase Open

Cotswold Team Chase Intermediate Classes

Jason, Sue and Beau

Tythrope Shoot 28th October

Kimblewick 25th October

Grafton Hunt Team Chase

Laura and Tobys Wedding

Kimblewick 18th October

BHWC 13th October

Kimblewick 11th October

Early mornings with the OBB

BHWC Team Chase

Udderly Fresh Raw Milk

Kop Hill

Barbet Club Funday

New kids on the block

GB Selection Practice day at Bisley

Lucy and Barney

Basset Puppies 26th August


BHWC Inter Hunt Relay and Countryside Day

Norfolk Training Days

Side Saddle Show at Addington

Basset and Foxhound puppies

Yvonne and Dave Wedding


Basset Ring at Festival of Hunting

Jess and Toms Wedding

Jude and Paula 14th July

Rather a lot of Concrete !

Woodcote Steam Rally

Southern Inter Club Working Test

The Malle Mile

Pups at Rosies Yard

FSBH Puppy Show

CCFB Puppy Show

Kirk and Hannah Wedding

River Lambourn


Puppy Fun

Lilly in the Bluebells

Sunday Scramble 24th April

Tinas Gang

Lilly and the Puppies

Auchterhouse Clay Shoot

Salmon Fishing on the Tay

Model T Ford Event 2nd April

Marias Gang

Rachels Gang

Thame Country Show

KimblePoint to Point

OBB 5th March

Mike and Jo's Dogs

Ferreting 28th February

CCFB Meet photos 27th February

BHWC 25th February

OBB 24th February

Ratting 21st February

Ratting 14th February

Pusey Beaters Day

Creslow Beaters Day 30th January

Adbury Shoot 25th January

Creslow Shoot 23rd January

Swannybrook Beaters Day 20th January

Adbury Shoot 18th January

Holborn Hill 16th January

Tythrope Clear up Day 15th January

Winchbottom Shoot 13th January

Furzen Farm Shoot 12th January

Creslow Shoot 9th January

OBB Shoot at Pimlico 8th January

Town Farm and North Hill Farm Shoot 2nd January


2015 Events

Adbury Shoot 30th December

Tuckett Family Shoot 28th December

Hartwell Shoot 26th December

Kimblewick Hunt 24th December

Poundon Shoot 21st December

Swannybrook Farm Shoot 19th December

Adbury Shoot 14th December

Woodcock Shoot 12th December

Holborn Hill Shoot 11th December

Kimblewick Hunt 8th December

Charley and Harry

Hartwell Shoot 3rd December

Winslow Primestock Sale 30th November

Creslow Shoot 28th November

Tythrope Shoot 27th November

Tucket Shoot 26th November

Adbury Shoot 23rd November

Town Farm and North Hill Farm Shoot

Swannybrook Farm Shoot 14th November

Tythrope Shoot 13th November

Ilmer Shoot 11th November

BHWC Hounds at the meet 9th November

Manor Farm Shoot 7th November

Kimblewick Opening Meet

Tythrope Shoot 30th October

Nyree's Girls

Edwards Family Shoot 24th October

Kimblewick Hunt 23rd October

Grafton Hunt Team Chase

Jack Russell Puppies

Kimblewick Hunt 10th October

OBB Hound Exercise 26th September

Kimblewick Hound Exercise 25th September

Ewe Farm Shoot 24th September

Bicester Heritage 20th September

Kop Hill 19th September

Thame Show

Laverstoke HPR Working Test

Louise and Nigels Dogs

English Setter and Basset Puppies

Blackthorn Classic Car and Bike Show

The Betsey Wynne Beer Festival

Bucks County Show

A Barrow full of Bassets

Olympic Skeet Home Internationals at Bisley

Jess and Iris

Helen, Ros and Dogs

BHWC Pony Show 9th August

Field Trial Training 8th August

Thame Sheep Fair

Allotment and Garden

Oil Seed Rape Harvest Dinton

OBB Puppy Show

CCFB Terrier and Lurcher Show

Barley Harvest at Ford

Elstead Training evening

Bassets at the Festival of Hunting

Jims 21st

Summervilles Gundogs


Southern Inter Club Working Test

Jess and Annie

WBGC HPR Working Test

FSBH Puppy Show

Chilmark and Clifton Foot Beagles Puppy Show

OBB Fishing Match and Hound Racing

Helen with Lu and Wynn

Hannah and Lilly 6th June

Marias Horses

Anne and Hollies Dogs


Kerrys Gang

Katies Gang

West End Farm Stables 22nd May

Charlie and Rumor

Shearing at Dinton

BDCGRC Working Test 9th May

Leadon Vale Farm Dispersal Sale

Farrantshayes Farm

Smale Gundogs

Jane Lock

Mike and Sophie

Farmers Bloodhounds Point to Point

Anne and Family


Rossi and Bootie Scentwork

Bettinsons Training Day 20th April

Point to Point Kingston Blount

Carolines Labs 12th April

WBGC 5th April

Kimble Point to Point

Ratting 22nd March

Bettinsons Training Day 17th March

Ratting 8th March

Sarahs Gang 7th March

Patrick Martin Testimonial Meet


Ratting 1st March

Lilly 27th February

Silk and Holly

Snowdrop Time

Karens Goldies

Rachel and Friends

Raezhaven Pups




Petsalls Pride Chesapeakes

Ferreting 14th February

Eynsham Hall Beaters Day 31st January

Pusey Beaters Day 30th January

Hartwell Ratcatchers Shoot 29th January

Adbury Shoot 26th January

Bledlow Shoot 24th January

Holborn Hill Shoot 23rd January

Ilmer Shoot 19th January

Cold Aston Shoot 17th January

Judes Labs

Stephs Labs

Adbury Shoot 12th January

Steves Goshawk 11th January

WBGC 4th January

Swannybrook Farm Shoot 3rd January

Rollinson Shoot 2nd January